Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ensemble paused for 2 weeks

Resume on 1st August
6pm E.308

I know the problem of squeezing into a small room with so many other juniors..
The Seniors are trying to solve the problem..

Alot of planning to do.. its not like we don't want to give you all more rooms..
but we cant get the rooms..
The Seniors will try to solve the problem before 1st August when Juniors come back for ensemble...

Pass down to the people who dunno that ensemble stop for 2 weeks..
You can also contact any of the Seniors for more information..

We need people to help out in Cultural Bazzar
Wednesday 18th July
9am onwards
There will be excuse letter..
We need 15 people to help out the booth

To Juniors:
Don't just leave the room after the lesson..
Help the seniors keep the chairs

Also when you want to come into the club room, knock first
It's rude to just barge in like that and/or then leave after taking your stuff without saying anything..


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