Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November Schedules IMPORTANT!

Thought i'll just post this here so everyone can refer to it when needed.
save the trouble and smses.

Practice rooms for November 2007:

3 (SAT) no rooms
7 (WED) e316, e317
8 (THURS) Public Holiday- Deepavali
10 (SAT) e317, e318
14 (WED) e315, e316, e318
15 (THURS) e314, e315
17 (SAT) e308
21 (WED) e308, e318
22 (THURS) e308
24 (SAT) e308
28 (WED) e316, e317, e318 -
29 (THURS) e308

See you guys at practice then!
Train hard my young padawans. ;p

- may the FORCE Guitar be with us. (edited by botBot =b)


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