Thursday, December 11, 2008

Important notice to all

Dear GC members,
Please be informed that practice on the 17th Dec (Wed) is compulsory. If you are not present without valid reason or mc, you will be excluded to play in the annual concert on the 23rd. The sitting arrangement will be made known to you on wed, so please come!!! If any of you cant make it, please sms Sherilyn 97977525 to let her know. Practice dates are

15 Dec (Mon) - 10am to 4pm
17 Dec (Wed) - 1pm to 8pm (with breaks in between)
18 Dec (Thur) - 1pm to 5pm <--- [PRACTICE IS CANCELLED FOR JUNIORS]
19 Dec (Fri) - 1pm to 8pm (with breaks in between)
20 Dec (Sat) - 10am to 3pm--- PRACTICE IS CANCELLED

22 Dec (Mon) - 9am to 9pm Whole day (only those who have told me beforehand of their valid reasons can choose not to come, otherwise, its compulsory for everyone)
23 Dec (Tue) - 9am to 9pm Whole day

To all juniors: please get black files, and bring it for practice. thanks.

Attire for concert: Long Black sleeve formal top/ black pants or jeans/covered black shoes


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