Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Month Till La Guitare

Hi Peeps,

Pieces to work on
Based on today's result, we are in quite an alright shape for La Guitare, except for Ob La Di Ob La Da and Cavatina. Please work on those pieces doubly hard.

Also, i would like to propose the use of mIRC as a way of communication for NYPGC. Most of us are online everyday, but MSN are just too unuserfriendly for group messages. For those that use mIRC before should know what i mean.

Let me know if you people want to have such a system =)

Program Flow
For those who are curious about La Guitare 2007 program flow, i'll be posting it here.

El Cumbanchero (Senior Ensemble)

13 Jours En France (Senior Ensemble)
Dance of The Yao (Senior Ensemble)

Romanza (Duet - Sin Jyh and Siti)
Tears In Heaven (Duet - Kelvin and Thow)

Ob La Di, Ob La Da (Senior Ensemble)
Save The Last Dance (Senior Ensemble)

Suketi Da Ne (Trio - Xin Ni, Zu Yi, Su)
Yesterday Once More (Quartet - Eugene, Jian Hui, Kelvin and Thow)

El Reloj (Junior Ensemble)
Those Were The Days (Junior Ensemble)

Solo (Pending)

Band (Elton, Glibert, Xin Ni, Marcus and Farhan)

Shaiful (Pending)

Alumni Slot

Canon In D (Senior Ensemble)

Cavatina (Combined Ensemble)
Secret - Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi (Combined Ensemble with Vocalist)

CCG Request
CCG (Chinese Cultural Group) has requested for two guitarists to play accompaniment for their band. Performance on the 25th of January.

Anyone interested, please contact me.

Thanks =)


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