Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OPEN HOUSE performance

To all juniors,

Nyp open house is being held on the 8th -10th jan and we have been asked to play a few songs for them on the 8th (Thursday)and the 10th (Saturday)of Jan. The time slot for the performances is 1.20pm to 1.35pm on the 8th and 1.05 to 1.20 on the 10th. Excuse letter will be provided for those who need it. We have decided to let the Junior Ensemble play followed by a performance from one of our small groups from the concert. Please come for practice on Wednesday the 7th if you’re interested at 6.30pm sharp. The song that we will perform is How Deep is Your Love, so dust off your guitars and dig out your scores and hope to see you on Wed =).

To the Seniors,

You’re not off the hook! To those who are able, please learn a guitar part for how deep is your love by wed so that we have some backup. Thank you.

p.s. To all, if you can, please try to make it for both performances


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