Sunday, May 3, 2009

To all,

Classical and acoustic guitar.
- NYP GC is a classical guitar ensemble. So, we greatly appreciate you guys use classical guitars. This is one reason why we emphasis on “classical guitar”. Apart from that, the instructor is quite strict with regards to the guitar we use.

- Acoustic guitars are acceptable(temporary) for enrichment classes however it is not a long term solution. When enrichment classes end and come to ensemble practice, we will make it compulsory for classical guitars.

Election of juniors through interview.
-The interview sessions allow us to be able to decide on our juniors intake based on a few criteria such as committment, ability and time management.
The intake is decided 1st by our criteria and followed by a first come first served basis. An sms asking for the confirmation of the vacancies offered were sent out by the 1st of may to all who were selected to join our junior intake.
Those who failed to reply were considered to have forfeited their vacancies to other interested freshmens on our waiting list.
Our intake vacancies for the enrichment classes is full and closed already.
Those who are joining us have been informed and the name list have been posted up (post date Fri, 1st May) in our blog.
Please check the namelist if u are unsure whether you have been selected.

We hope to seek ur kind understanding should there be any miscommunication or confusion caused.


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