Saturday, December 22, 2007

Post La Guitare Events

Yo Hunks and Babes,

La Guitare 2007 turned out to be a great success and a new milestone for our very own Nanyang Polytechnic Guitar Club. Personally, i hope everyone enjoyed the process of this concert and strive towards a better one coming Q4 2008 =).

As this is more or less the final involvement of Batch 11 as students of NYP, i would like to thank everyone from this batch for giving me and presumingly each and everyone of us such wonderful and cherishable memories from 2005 onwards. In my opinion, i am proud to say we are arguably the best batch and certainly the strength of our friendship bonds =) Cheers!!

Always a part of NYPGC, Batch 11 members:
Aaron, Agnes, Alvin, Gabriel, Hui Wen, Jun Xin, Kenneth C, Kenneth L, Mark, Perry, Ruby, Sue, Syamira, Talia, Xin Ni, Zu Yi.

Upcoming Events

Monday (24th December, Xmas Eve)

Christina has call out for a steamboat gathering!

Venue: Boon Keng's Choon Pang Steamboat
Time: Night (Exact time TBA)
Price: $12 or $15 (don't remember)

Please contact/confirm with Sue, Christina or Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Friday (28th December)

NYAA club is organising a post Xmas party for all clubs under Lina!

Venue: School (Exact location TBA)
Time: 10am to 4pm
Things to bring: a >$10 gift per pax

Games will be organised as well!

Please contact/confirm with Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Friday (28th December)

Our very own Guitar Club Post La Guitare 2007 Appreciation/Xmas Dinner! A Must Come!

Venue: School (Exact location TBA)
Time: Night (Exact time TBA)

Please confirm with Sue or Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Sunday (30th December)

Sue is organising a trip to Escape Theme Park!

Price: $7

Please contact/confirm with Sue by Wednesday.

Cheers =)


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