Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Committee

Hi Peeps,

By now, most of you guys/gals knew the outcome already. Just a confirmation regarding the posts here.

President: Eugene
Vice Presidents: Kelvin, Sherilyn, Thow
Secretary: Christina
Treasurer: Si Hui
Logistics: Bang Yao (I/C), Marvin (Asst)
Publicity: Jesline (I/C), Dean Jean (Asst)
Welfare: Siew Kee (I/C), Si Hui (Asst)
Music: Siti (I/C), Sin Jyh (Asst)
InfoTech: Clement (I/C), Victor (Asst)

*(I/C) = chair person for department
*(Asst) = Assistant

All the best for the new committee =)

Everyone will be needed to make the Guitar Club more enjoyable, it's a family unlike most clubs =) and remember, posts are just something to keep people motivated with a sense of responsibility.

Guitar Club is not a club where people with the same interest get together, it's a club where true friendships are bonded for a lifetime =).



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