Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photos from La Guitare 07

su's camera
during concert
after concert

These are the photos from photography club and su's camera

Post La Guitare Events

Yo Hunks and Babes,

La Guitare 2007 turned out to be a great success and a new milestone for our very own Nanyang Polytechnic Guitar Club. Personally, i hope everyone enjoyed the process of this concert and strive towards a better one coming Q4 2008 =).

As this is more or less the final involvement of Batch 11 as students of NYP, i would like to thank everyone from this batch for giving me and presumingly each and everyone of us such wonderful and cherishable memories from 2005 onwards. In my opinion, i am proud to say we are arguably the best batch and certainly the strength of our friendship bonds =) Cheers!!

Always a part of NYPGC, Batch 11 members:
Aaron, Agnes, Alvin, Gabriel, Hui Wen, Jun Xin, Kenneth C, Kenneth L, Mark, Perry, Ruby, Sue, Syamira, Talia, Xin Ni, Zu Yi.

Upcoming Events

Monday (24th December, Xmas Eve)

Christina has call out for a steamboat gathering!

Venue: Boon Keng's Choon Pang Steamboat
Time: Night (Exact time TBA)
Price: $12 or $15 (don't remember)

Please contact/confirm with Sue, Christina or Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Friday (28th December)

NYAA club is organising a post Xmas party for all clubs under Lina!

Venue: School (Exact location TBA)
Time: 10am to 4pm
Things to bring: a >$10 gift per pax

Games will be organised as well!

Please contact/confirm with Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Friday (28th December)

Our very own Guitar Club Post La Guitare 2007 Appreciation/Xmas Dinner! A Must Come!

Venue: School (Exact location TBA)
Time: Night (Exact time TBA)

Please confirm with Sue or Me(Kenneth) by Sunday.

Sunday (30th December)

Sue is organising a trip to Escape Theme Park!

Price: $7

Please contact/confirm with Sue by Wednesday.

Cheers =)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Reise from Su's cam

here are the pics taken from my camera.
i had a fren take some pics of our performance too.
tho he sat quite a distance away.

anyone else with pics post the links here okay?
or post it under comments.

thanks for the memories(:
and for making this La Guitare a success.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

La Guitare 2007

YEAH! A tiring 3 days of preparation..

Finally it all goes well!
Congrats yorself juniors and seniors!

And to the alumnis too, who helped us along the way
We gave a great performance,
the feedback from the audience was great!

Lets us look forward to next year La Guitare!
We must do EVEN BETTER!