Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OPEN HOUSE performance

To all juniors,

Nyp open house is being held on the 8th -10th jan and we have been asked to play a few songs for them on the 8th (Thursday)and the 10th (Saturday)of Jan. The time slot for the performances is 1.20pm to 1.35pm on the 8th and 1.05 to 1.20 on the 10th. Excuse letter will be provided for those who need it. We have decided to let the Junior Ensemble play followed by a performance from one of our small groups from the concert. Please come for practice on Wednesday the 7th if you’re interested at 6.30pm sharp. The song that we will perform is How Deep is Your Love, so dust off your guitars and dig out your scores and hope to see you on Wed =).

To the Seniors,

You’re not off the hook! To those who are able, please learn a guitar part for how deep is your love by wed so that we have some backup. Thank you.

p.s. To all, if you can, please try to make it for both performances

Practice RESUMES!!!

Hello Peeps!

You all gonna be excited BECAUSE!!!! Guitar practice will resume on the 7th of January 2009 which is ON THE NEXT WEDNESDAY from the date when this post is posted! WOoHHOO!! So wash your guitar, polish your guitar, change new strings if your string is dying and polish your fingers so u can play ~Smoothly~ for the up coming concert for next year's batch on the Oriantation performance. ^_^ See yall in the practice. TAKE CARE DOODS!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Photos for La Guitare 08:

Click here for La Guitare Photos 08 ^_^

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Be part of the greatest assembly of Guitarist Record

To all,

Students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic came up an idea of attempting to set a first ever greatest assembly of guitarist record in Singapore.

Primary objective - To raise the awareness of the underprevaliage children in the society and urge young adults in voluntarism.

Secondary objective - To gather at least 450 guitarists together at their school campus playing the same song at the same time, at the same place.

The event will be held on the 17 January 2009 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Atrium.

Anyone would like to be part of the participant?

Maestro is one of the main sponsor of the event.

Please send your reply to nypguitarclub@gmail.com
0r contact Chen Wee Gee 97456978 (Ngee Ann)
by 31 Dec

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

La Guitare Concert '08 has ended, and i want to thank every single person who has participated in this concert or helped to make it possible. Good Job everyone! Juniors, i hope you guys have enjoyed it, and seniors, your hard work has paid off! :D Enjoy the remaining days of your holiday, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D

*hugs*, Sherilyn

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reheasal for concert

Hello everyone!

Meet @ Theatre of the Arts (TFA)
22 Dec (Full day) : Guys -> 9am Ladies -> 930am
23 Dec (Full day) : Everyone -> 9am [Full Dress Rehearsal]

Reminder: Attire for concert: LONG SLEEVE FORMAL COLLARED BLACK TOP, LONG BLACK PANTS (no obvious white/other coloured lines) , BLACK COVERED SHOES.

It's the last two days! Thank you to all members who have worked hard, have fun, enjoy it, and JIA YOU! :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Important notice to all

Dear GC members,
Please be informed that practice on the 17th Dec (Wed) is compulsory. If you are not present without valid reason or mc, you will be excluded to play in the annual concert on the 23rd. The sitting arrangement will be made known to you on wed, so please come!!! If any of you cant make it, please sms Sherilyn 97977525 to let her know. Practice dates are

15 Dec (Mon) - 10am to 4pm
17 Dec (Wed) - 1pm to 8pm (with breaks in between)
18 Dec (Thur) - 1pm to 5pm <--- [PRACTICE IS CANCELLED FOR JUNIORS]
19 Dec (Fri) - 1pm to 8pm (with breaks in between)
20 Dec (Sat) - 10am to 3pm--- PRACTICE IS CANCELLED

22 Dec (Mon) - 9am to 9pm Whole day (only those who have told me beforehand of their valid reasons can choose not to come, otherwise, its compulsory for everyone)
23 Dec (Tue) - 9am to 9pm Whole day

To all juniors: please get black files, and bring it for practice. thanks.

Attire for concert: Long Black sleeve formal top/ black pants or jeans/covered black shoes


Hello peeople! This is a message to those who have taken more or at least 10 tickets for the La Guitare. Would yall please return at least 5 or half of the tickets back to the seniors. Thanks! See yall in the practice!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guitar practice this coming wed

Please note that there is guitar practice on this coming WEDNESDAY on the 3rd of dec and those peeps who is having exams, GOOD LUCK TO YALL!!!!!!